Saturday, 25 September 2010

Burn Off Chicken Wings - Get Slim and Toned Arms

lose arm fatIf you under-arms are getting a bit saggy your need to start losing weight and working out. Build some muscle, stretch that skin and reduce body fat.

"You must use low-insulin nutrition like I recommend in all my books, including Fit Over 40, to lower your bodyfat. For ladies, the back-of-the-arm body fat is often the last bit to go. This type of diet is also a great way to lose belly fat.

But I promise, it will go. I can go for anyone. Marty Web and dozens of other ladies in Fit Over 40 prove that in living color, and they share how they did it.< Low-insulin nutrition means eating more protein-rich foods, foods that are not processed, and plenty of tasty veggies. But it does not mean you cannot have your pizza and burgers here and there. I do every week and my body fat is low."

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Eat Watercress to Lose Weight!

The humble watercress is suddenly a superfood. British researchers have discovered that watercress contains a property that blocks breast cancer.

Watercress is also a very low GI salad leaf which is fantastic if you are trying to lose weight. Eating watercress everyday will help you to lose weight and also will help women fight breast cancer.

Until now yams have been the food of choice for women who wish to try to prevent breast cancer from developing. The news that watercress may help prevent breast cancer makes it a new superfood.

One of my favorite dishes is salmon baked in butter and wholegrain mustard served on a bed of watercress and rocket. A fantastic yet simple recipe that will help you lose weight and lower blood sugar levels.