Monday, 4 October 2010

Vera de Milo Video Workout – Jim Carrey’s Aerobics Video Spoof

Just stumbled across this Jim Carrey workout video. See Jim Carey workout in cycle pants, a bikini top and then dislocate has shoulder while stretching.  This originally featured on the TV show In Living Color which ran from 1990 to 1994.
Don’t try this at home.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Pete Ajello's Amazing Weight Loss Story

We spoke with Pete Ajello about his weight loss story (ok, exchanged emails across the pond). His story is really great, not just because he lost 200 pounds, but because he did it off his own back. He started by himself.

He did build up a support network, with personal trainers and nutritionists, but he took those first steps to freedom.

The result is amazing. The guy was on the brink of death, suffered a diabetic stroke, and through diet and exercise reversed his medical condition and got healthy again.

Sometimes a weight loss story just simply breaks through new barriers. If weight loss was an Olympic sport then Peter Ajello would certainly be a contender for a gold medal.

Peter Ajello lost 200 pounds in the last 16 months. Not only did he lose a lot of fat, he also trained hard and has built a pretty good physique, certainly something to be proud of on a beach.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Burn Off Chicken Wings - Get Slim and Toned Arms

lose arm fatIf you under-arms are getting a bit saggy your need to start losing weight and working out. Build some muscle, stretch that skin and reduce body fat.

"You must use low-insulin nutrition like I recommend in all my books, including Fit Over 40, to lower your bodyfat. For ladies, the back-of-the-arm body fat is often the last bit to go. This type of diet is also a great way to lose belly fat.

But I promise, it will go. I can go for anyone. Marty Web and dozens of other ladies in Fit Over 40 prove that in living color, and they share how they did it.< Low-insulin nutrition means eating more protein-rich foods, foods that are not processed, and plenty of tasty veggies. But it does not mean you cannot have your pizza and burgers here and there. I do every week and my body fat is low."

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Eat Watercress to Lose Weight!

The humble watercress is suddenly a superfood. British researchers have discovered that watercress contains a property that blocks breast cancer.

Watercress is also a very low GI salad leaf which is fantastic if you are trying to lose weight. Eating watercress everyday will help you to lose weight and also will help women fight breast cancer.

Until now yams have been the food of choice for women who wish to try to prevent breast cancer from developing. The news that watercress may help prevent breast cancer makes it a new superfood.

One of my favorite dishes is salmon baked in butter and wholegrain mustard served on a bed of watercress and rocket. A fantastic yet simple recipe that will help you lose weight and lower blood sugar levels.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New Tips to Lose Belly Fat

We are always searching for the most efficient way to lose belly fat and this is possibly the best method discovered so far.

To lose belly fat quickly you need to combine intensive cardio exercise, weight training workouts and a protein rich, sugar free diet. Why?

Intensive Cardio Exercise: This burns fat faster than any other form of exercise. It is also the fastest way to get fit, and the fitter you are, the harder you can exercise, which means you burn more fat.

Weight Training Workouts: Weight training builds muscle and muscle is greedy. Muscle building requires a lot of calories, so when building muscle calories that would have been converted to fat are converted to muscle. Also, muscles require more energy just to maintain themselves, so if you are muscular your energy needs are higher - you have a faster metabolism. You literally burn fat (or utilise energy from food) quicker than people with less muscle mass.

Sugar Free Diets: The biggest cause of weight gain is sugar. Fat may have more calories per gram than carbohydrates, but most people eat way too many carbohydrates. Stomach fat is almost always caused by excessive sugar. So cut out sugar from your diet. Also, muscle needs proteins to grow. So to build the muscle to raise metabolism, consume more protein.

These are the basic rules to weight loss. To put them into action, follow these tips:
  • Perform at least 2 weight training workouts per week
  • Perform at least 3 intensive cardio sessions per week
  • Eat eggs for breakfast
  • Cut out all bread, all cereals, all fruit juice
  • No more cakes, cookies, pasta, bread, soda, take away food, junk food or processed food
  • Never eat more than you need
  • Drink lots of water 
  • Eat soup everyday - soup helps you feel full
These tips should help you lose weight faster.