Monday, 20 June 2011

Low GI Jane Diet Plan - What?

Most people associate GI with the armed forces, such as GI Joe, GI Jane. In these cases it is short for Government Issue. But GI is also a term used to describe a tool used in weight management by nutritionists and dieticians.

In these situations GI is short for Glycemic Index. This is a scale which rates how much readily available sugar there is in food by measuring the speed at which blood sugar levels rise after eating.

High GI foods raise blood sugar (also called glucose) quickly, whereas low GI foods raise levels slowly.

Blood sugar has two important impacts on our body: 
  1. it increases the released rate of insulin which facilitates sugar storage as fat and also in muscle
  2. its rise and fall affects hunger
The index has been around for ages, Dr. Atkins was a fan of it, also many NHS dieticians use it to help overweight patients lose weight.

It works. It is a scientific tool that helps people to manage their diet in such as way that it aids weight loss.

Why it is not more popular is a mystery!

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